AKRSP / AKEPB sponsored students Training in HVACR Technology

Aman Institute for Vocational Training is located in the heart of Korangi Industry Area, offering modern facilities comprising of air-conditioned classrooms, state-of-the-art workshops, fully equipped computer labs, an extensive library, and a student breakout area. Aman Institute for Vocational Training (AIVT) Aman Tech is a National Vocational & Technical Training Commission-NAVTTC (an apex body) accredited institute, based on the above mentioned distinguish Facilities Amantech is In collaboration with Agha Khan foundation has begun the certified training to 15 youth from seven resource poor priority valleys of Gilgit and Chitral through provision of technical training over the period of 04 months. The aim of the contract is to equip selected youth under Provision of trainings with vocational and technical skills in the field of HVACR Level-2 so that youth would utilize these skills to get employed and self-employed.

The Training duration is from Jan 2021 to April 2021 (04 months)