PSO Fitter Training for their Employees (CPD)

Due to AMANTECH’s decade-long experience in inculcating value addition skills and enhancing the capacity of the blue-color labor industry of Pakistan, PSO in collaboration with AMANTECH embarked upon the Fitter Training initiative. Encapsulating a total of 21 employees across its various terminals across Sindh region, under this initiative the selected employees of PSO Terminals will receive a rigorous training session in Fitter trade skills. Following its tradition of research-based interventions, the training modules for this initiative have been developed keeping in mind the organizational demand, best practices within the industry along with a comprehensive trainee analysis. Furthermore, to assess the impact generated by this intervention, AMANTECH in collaboration with PSO applies a robust monitoring mechanism.

The training duration is from 15th March 2021 to 14th June 2021 (03 Months)