Soft Skills training is one of the main features of Aman Tech in which students are taught how to communicate and how to function effectively in society. Students are given basic training related to reading and writing in English which helps them integrate easily in any work environment, local or international. They are also given training in basic etiquettes, personal grooming, interpersonal communication and team sports.

Communication & Personal Grooming

Training is conducted alongside technical course with the following objectives:

  • To fine-tune an individual’s eagerness to learn, willingness to share and embrace new ideas, goal orientation, and various skill sets such as communication and etiquettes to deal with different situations diligently
  • To provide a strong practical orientation and bring out behavioral changes in building and improving an individual’s team building, leadership, time management, presentation, interviews and interpersonal-skills
  • To help in enhancing productivity and performance as a student in early life and as a professional in life later
  • To develop all-round personalities with a mature outlook to deal in different and complicated circumstances


This course is designed for students of all disciplines with objectives as follows:

  • To enable students into becoming entrepreneurs themselves by examining how ideation, business model development processes, and essential entrepreneurial skills are essential for creating successful new ventures
  • To learn about basic theories and tools used to create successful business models
  • To help students to formulate their own business ideas, create a dynamic business plan using concepts learned, and present a pitch for their business idea at the end of the course

Experiential Learning

This training is aimed to encompass a variety of activities including internships, service learning  and professional work experiences. It is imparted with the following objectives:

  • To develop knowledge, skills and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic settings
  • To provide opportunities to students where they are encouraged to take initiatives, make decisions and accountable for the results
  • To provide a platform to students where they are engaged intellectually and could utilize their creativity at its best with relevance to their interest/field
  • To provide them a designed learning experience that includes the possibility to learn from natural consequences, mistakes and successes